Certified Collision Repair Services In Oregon


Vehicle collisionCollision is the last thing any car owner wants. Aside from putting your car out of order, the damages can be expensive. Also, some repairs might take more time than first thought, forcing you to find alternative means of transportation for a few days.

Not anymore! Main Auto Body Inc. has come up with a special program designed to help you get professional, fast and inexpensive collision repair so you don’t have to worry as much. Our aim – to make collision damage repair something you don’t have to sweat over.

We achieve this by using carefully selected, factory-approved parts for all our repairs and ensuring that only highly trained technicians attend to your car. What’s more, all repairs are performed in-house.

Restore Or Replace? Leave That To Our Collision Repair Experts

Our highly experienced technicians have been in auto repair for decades and continuously update their skills though the prestigious I-Car Gold Class professional development program. If it’s a simple dent that can be fixed through paintless dent repair, we will prioritize that to save costs and help you get back on the road as soon as possible. We also can tell if you need replacements for longer-lasting results.

Once the repairs are completed, the car will go through quality checks and final detailing where we inspect all components to confirm that we’ve met all safety and quality standards. By the time you pick it up, your car will be as good as new! Here are a few before & after photos to give you an idea of the quality work we do.

Get a Free, Accurate Repair Estimate

Unlike other auto repair centers, getting an estimate at Main Auto Body is a simple, straightforward process. You will never be surprised with new, unexplained charges. And it’s completely FREE.

We also assist with complementary services such as towing and filing insurance claims. We can arrange for a rental car if your vehicle will be staying at the shop for a while. And most importantly, we’ll always keep you in the loop through phone calls and emails so you can follow up on the progress of the repairs.

Call Us Today

If you’ve been involved in a collision, refer to this checklist for help, then give us a call. We have eight full-service centers. Here’s how to find a location near you.