Car Alignment in Oregon


After a fender bender or collision, having a car alignment done is critical to the overall performance of your vehicle. At Main Auto Body, Inc., our team of highly-skilled technicians is trained to evaluate your vehicle and ensure that it is properly aligned.

Importance of a Car AlignmentCar Alignment in Bend OR - Main Auto Body Inc.

Your vehicle has a complex suspension system, which is comprised of many parts, including shocks and ball joints. Your suspension works in conjunction with your tires to ensure that your car is evenly balanced. A car alignment will help to prevent issues such as abnormal tire wear and fuel inefficiency. Signs that it may be time for an adjustment include:

  • Vibration in the steering wheel
  • Continued movement after hitting a bump or pothole
  • Steering wheel is misaligned and does not turn properly
  • Uneven wear on the front tires

A vehicle that has poor alignment can be a safety hazard. If the issue is not addressed, your car will begin to pull to one side as you drive, which is a sign that you’re losing control of steering. This issue can lead to dangerous situations, such as overcorrecting on a curve.

Rear Alignment

For the front-end alignment to be efficient, it’s best practice to align the rear at the same time. As a general rule, if the front-end of the vehicle needs an alignment, it means that the rear-end of the vehicle has been doing most of the work. Two of the most common signs that the rear-end is poorly misaligned is visible, uneven wear on the rear tires and a slow response time after hitting a bump.

Wheel Alignment Check

If your car is experiencing any symptoms of misalignment, have it checked immediately. Otherwise, a wheel alignment check should become a part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance, and at a minimum, should be checked once a year. It’s best practice to have your alignment inspected each time you have other services performed, such as a tire rotation.

Full-Service Alignment

The experienced team at Main Auto Body, Inc. wants to help keep your vehicle running smoothly. We will do a thorough inspection of your vehicle including your steering, suspension, and tires. Afterward, we will perform a full-service alignment that includes balance, rotation, and making adjustments to parts such as the toe angles and casters.

For more information or to make an appointment, call or visit us at any of our nine locations in Albany, Corvallis, Dallas, Lebanon, Lincoln City, Newport, or Salem. Our friendly staff will help you with all of your auto body repair needs.