Interacting with the Police or Other Driver After a Collision

Posted By: Main Auto Body INC | June 28, 2019

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Car accidents can be hectic and disorienting, which is why it is so important that you know what to do after the fact. Being confident and knowledgeable about how to solve the issues quickly when talking with the other drivers and possibly the police will give you peace of mind and keep the stress at a minimum. Learn what steps to take after a car accident with this helpful guide from Main Auto Body, Inc.

Stay Cool

After a crash, it is vital to stay calm and even-headed. It can be tempting to get angry and confrontational with the other person involved, especially when you believe they were at fault. However, getting angry will not undo the damage, and maintaining your composure will help the problem get solved more quickly. Remember that nobody is trying to get into an accident on purpose and that you pay for insurance exactly for these situations.

Avoid Taking Blame

When you first talk with the other driver, you may want to take blame for the accident, especially if the other party is being aggressive. But you should resist admitting fault for anything that occurred. Instead, gather as much information as you can through pictures and let the insurance adjusters settle the dispute. There is no sense in taking the chance of higher rates and a larger financial burden when the insurance companies may see the situation differently.

Gather Information

If the damage is not too severe, make sure to pull your vehicles to the shoulder to clear the road for other drivers. Exchange your name, insurance policy information and phone number with the other driver that was involved. Ask to see their driver’s license and insurance card so you can confirm that the information they are giving you is accurate. Use your phone or camera to take clear pictures of the damage to any cars involved in the accident to provide to your insurance company.

Go Through the Proper Channels

If the other driver suggests that they want to handle the collision without going through insurance companies, politely decline and tell them that allowing insurance agents to assess the damage would be best. The driver may be trying to avoid higher rates and be willing to pay you out of pocket, but without an assessment of the damage by a professional, you may not receive the compensation you deserve. In addition, the other driver may initially say they want to avoid going through insurance, then file a claim later, leaving you unprepared. If you wait too long to report a claim, you may be denied coverage from your insurance company. Avoid these potential complications and report the incident as soon as possible.

Working with the Police

If an accident causes injuries, over $1,000 of damage to the vehicles involved or damage to other private or public property, then the police should be called. Many of the same rules about dealing with the other driver apply to talking with the police. Stay calm and cordial when talking with them, and only report the facts as you know them while giving your statement. Again, avoid taking fault for the accident, as it is not your decision to make.

Repair the Damage

After the collision, getting your car fixed is a top priority. You want to find a garage that will handle your vehicle with expertise and care. Main Auto Body, Inc. offers emergency towing, claims assistance and collision repair that will make your life easier after an accident occurs. Contact one of our experienced professionals or visit one of our nine convenient locations to learn more.

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