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Car damaged by tree

We Can Help You File That Auto Insurance Claim

Filing an auto insurance claim can be a nightmare.Most car owners have to wait weeks or even months for their insurance provider to pay up. What’s more, a majority of providers are known to try and pay the least amount possible.

Yet, that’s just the tip of the iceberg: Following an accident, you’re required to continue maintaining your car to prevent further damage. Otherwise, the insurer may refuse to pay for certain repairs on grounds of negligence.

Furthermore, auto insurance companies typically want to ensure that they are only paying for damage caused by the accident. Consequently, they may ask that you leave the car at the scene of the accident until one of their experts arrives, which is not always possible.

Let us manage the claim on your behalf

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are well-equipped to deal with these insurers. We will;

  • Immediately inform the insurance provider about the accident: Many insurance companies have timelines within which they must be notified about an accident. We will ensure that the notification is timely. We have the contact details of claim divisions of all auto insurance companies in Willamette Valley and Central Oregon Coast.
  • Protect the vehicle to prevent further damage: For instance, if the accident causes the fender to rub against one of the tires, we will have this repaired immediately so the tire isn’t damaged further. We also offer towing services so you won’t be stranded.
  • Provide proof of all damages and negotiate the estimate: Both on the roadside and at the repair shop, we take pictures to provide proof of damage. We also provide receipts of repairs already made to ensure that the insurer’s adjuster has enough information to arrive at the correct estimate. If need be, we’ll even negotiate the estimate.
  • Follow up: Finally, once a claim is successful, we will follow up and make sure that the provider pays up. This should give you the peace of mind to return to normal life or focus on getting treatment.

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