Main Auto Body and Paint Repairs Auto Damage Due To Collisions


Auto body repair

When you are involved in a vehicle accident, where do you go for repairs? Collisions can damage the exterior of your vehicle and reduce its value. For car repair in Albany, Oregon, residents can trust Main Auto Body and Paint.

Windshield Replacement

The force of your vehicle hitting another vehicle or solid object can cause windows to buckle, splinter, or shatter out of the frame. Regular wear-and-tear from flying debris also affects the condition of your windows over time.

Main Auto Body offers window car repair Albany, Oregon, residents can trust. When your windows need to be replaced, we handle the whole process efficiently and professionally. Our staff will coordinate with your insurance company. All you have to do is pick up the keys when the job is done.

Dent Repair

Little bumps and bruises don’t stop your car from working. They can, however, mar the appearance of your vehicle. Restore your car’s finish to its original shine with paintless dent repair.

You may be able to have your deep dents repaired without needing to replace an entire panel. Paintless dent repair can correct a lot of minor damage with minimal fuss.

Full Restoration After Collision

An accident can heavily damage your exterior. The technicians at Main Auto Body repair scratches, cracks, deep dents and other cosmetic damage to your car. Our careful process guarantees high-quality restoration of the windows, panels and paint finish. We can match your car’s original color for a flawless blend. Your car will look like it just rolled off the factory floor.

Suspension Realignment

The jarring motions caused by a collision can knock your alignment out of place. Misalignment prevents the weight of the car from sitting evenly on suspension structures. This can lead to wear and tear on the tires. It also causes the car to wobble slightly while driving, which can negatively affect fuel consumption.

Main Auto Body offers the car repair Albany, Oregon, residents need to correct misalignment issues. Services include tire balancing and rotation.

Most of your auto body repairs can be done in our shop. With 24-hour towing services, insurance claims assistance and a lifetime guarantee on our work, Main Auto Body and Paint offers the best car repair in Albany, Oregon.

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