Effective Car Paint Repair


Painting a carCar paint repair can transform a damaged car to look a good-as-new, but only if handled properly. Make sure these five components of a good repair job are followed closely:


The first step to repair a paint job is to thoroughly clean the affected area. Any dirt or debris will damage your paint further once the painting starts.

Repair of damage

Although some paint damage is minor enough that nothing else needs to be fixed, in many cases, damaged paint comes with damage to the underlying surface of the car. This damage needs to be repaired before any painting is done, or you risk further damage to the paint when you do get around to the repairs.


Once your body shop is looking at a nice, clean, pristine car surface, it’s time to prime the car for paint. This step is necessary any time the bare surface of your car has been exposed, whether due to the initial damage to the paint or during the repair. In most car paint repair cases, this is going to be necessary, and in the rest it isn’t going to hurt.

Matching paint

One of the most important aspects of a good paint repair job is accurate matching of the paint. Car paint colors are specific and your body shop needs to identify the exact shade of paint and match it. Unless you have a custom paint job, this should not be an issue. If you do have custom paint, it’s important that your body shop take its time matching properly to avoid an area of differently colored paint.


Your car’s paint repair isn’t done when the paint dries. A good repair job involves a dozen little checks, tests and adjustments after the initial drying—just to make sure everything looks right, stays on right, and blends in right. Skipping the final touch is a great way to find yourself with a repair that stands out as much as the initial damage to your paint.

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