Repair Services For Dents In Vehicles


Dent repair

Dents and dings are some of the most frustrating problems for vehicle owners. The good news is that your dings and dents may be eligible for our paintless dent repair services.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair, often referred to as PDR, is form of dent repair that can be used in some cases to prevent having to replace entire panels of the vehicle. Instead, dents are repaired by qualified technicians who can manipulate the dents back into alignment. Many customers find that PDR is the most affordable and efficient option for their repairs.

Does Your Vehicle Qualify For PDR?

Not all damage can be repaired using PDR. Extensive damage and dents may not be able to be repaired through PDR, but most minor dents can be if there are no cracks or scratches in the paint. For PDR to work effectively, the damage should limited to a flat section of the vehicle and be accessible from the inside of the panel. If you want to use PDR for dent repair but are unsure if your dent qualifies, we can assess the damage and discuss your options with you.

Other Dent Repair Methods

Should your vehicle not qualify for PDR, there are other dent repair options for available. Our full-service repair and paint departments should be able to repair the damage. Our repair department is truly full service, including claims assistance for collision repair work. We also offer a lifetime guarantee on our collision repair services.

Why Choose Main Auto Body And Paint For Dent Repair?

Every job we do reflects our mission of customer satisfaction. Meeting our customers’ needs is our top priority. With top-of-the-line products and services and a friendly and knowledgeable team, every aspect of our business is designed to promote an experience for customers that is hassle-free. Our goal is to provide an auto repair experience that not only meets but exceeds customers’ expectations.

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