Care for Your Vehicle’s Suspension at Main Auto Body in The Willamette Valley


Car Alignment Service in Bend OR – Main Auto BodyYour vehicle is interconnected; ball joints and shocks are connected to each axle and tire. The system under the car is aligned to keep you safe on the road. After a fender bender or as part of a routine maintenance plan, car alignment keeps you driving straight. For almost 40 years, Main Auto Body has had the team you can trust to care for your car.

Car Alignment from Main Auto Body in The Willamette Valley

If your vehicle has poor alignment you are putting your passengers at risk. A shaky steering wheel, uneven tire wear and pulling of the car to the right or left are signs that it is time to bring your car in. Not only will you ensure proper wear on the tires, but you are will ensure your family’s safety.

Full-Service Car Alignment in Oregon

Alignment checks begin with a look at the tires. Our experienced team at Main Auto Body can determine if wear is following the accustomed pattern. We will inspect steering, suspension, balance and rotation. Every toe axle, caster and small part will be inspected to ensure that the whole is operating as it should be. If there is an issue that our team finds, we will work with you to schedule the repairs and get you back out on the road quickly.

Front and Rear Alignment

Your entire car should be examined from top to bottom. Some companies will tell you that when you have new front tires put on, you need a front-end alignment, but they are not caring for the whole vehicle. Front and rear alignment checks should be part of annual service. If you have had new tires installed, say before the Oregon winter, you should have the entire suspension system inspected.

Stay safe on the road with routine inspections at least one a year. The better shape your car is in, the longer it will run for you and your family. For car alignment, discover the Main difference and contact the team at Main Auto Body in the Willamette Valley of western Oregon to schedule an appointment today.