What to Do When Your Car Frame Experiences Damage

Posted By: Main Auto Body, Inc. | December 31, 2019

Mechanic Assessing Frame Damage Under Car

From hitting minor bumps in the road to experiencing a major collision, car frames take a beating. Whether the result of gradual wear-and-tear or sudden impact, it’s essential to have experts assess your car frame damage and recommend the necessary repairs. At Main Auto Body, Inc., we utilize our over 40 years of experience to assist our clients with repairing their car frames daily. Here’s a closer look at what to watch out for and how to address any car frame damage your vehicle may incur.

Understanding Your Car Frame

Before being able to recognize car frame damage and address it, it’s important to understand how this integral component of your vehicle works. Car frames are the basic structure of your vehicle, serving as its backbone, and providing stability throughout your ride. There are two main types of car frames, with one being ladder frames. These are generally found in trucks, as they are constructed to yield superior strength and durability, and feature two symmetrical rails with cross members between them.

On the other hand, unibody frames are commonly found in compact cars and SUVs. Vehicles with this type are designed with the frame incorporated into the body of the vehicle as one solid unit. They are also meant to protect the engine and other internal components, as well as passengers, by absorbing impact. The type of car frame your vehicle has will surely impact how to address any damage, making it even more important for you to consult with the professionals at Main Auto Body, Inc.

When to Seek Repairs

No matter which type of frame you have, it’s essential to have it repaired if its integrity is compromised, as a damaged frame can affect your vehicle’s performance and safety. The most common signs of car frame damage include:

  • Leaning to one side
  • Worn suspension
  • Worn tires
  • Gaps in body panels

While a damaged car frame doesn’t necessarily mean your vehicle won’t operate, it can have a serious impact in the event of an accident. When the structure of the vehicle has been compromised, it is much more likely to be crushed if you’re involved in a collision, resulting in further damage to vital auto parts and potential injury for you and your passengers. If you notice your vehicle driving differently, hear any odd sounds, or want to be cautious, it’s best to visit and have it looked at right away.

Trust the Experts

If you suspect that you have car frame damage, it’s highly recommended that you do not attempt to repair it yourself. Instead, seek the assistance of the professionals at Main Auto Body, Inc. Our team has extensive experience working with a wide range of makes and models, and we are fully equipped with factory-approved parts to ensure you come away with the highest quality repairs. Plus, our friendly technicians are trained through the prestigious I-CAR Professional Development Program, allowing you to feel confident that your car frame repairs will be completed with the latest proven techniques.

With nine locations across northwestern and central Oregon, Main Auto Body, Inc. is standing by to assist you with our frame repair services. If your vehicle cannot be driven to us, we offer towing services 24 hours per day in the majority of our locations. For more information, contact us today.