3 Warning Signs that Something is Wrong With Your Car

Posted By: Main Auto Body, Inc. | February 15, 2019

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Your car is engineered for worry-free driving, but an accident can turn your reliable ride into a headache – and even small collisions can have a serious impact on performance. While the issues below don’t always indicate a problem, Main Auto Body, Inc. suggests that all drivers be on the lookout for these three warning signs. If you notice one or more, schedule an appointment at one of our nine locations to have your vehicle inspected by our certified auto technicians.

1. Odd Noises
If you start hearing noises that your car never used to make, you may want to have a certified technician take a look. Consistent grinding, squealing or other unusual sounds could indicate structural damage that may cause dangerous driving conditions over time. Even if you’re not sure the sounds add up to anything serious, it’s best to have a trusted repair shop examine your car and confirm what’s going on.

2. Difficulty Steering
When your car pulls to the left or right, or if you have difficulty correcting your steering after hitting a pothole or small bump, your vehicle might be misaligned. Misalignment can happen from even the most minor accidents or from general wear and tear, but if it goes uncorrected, you could end up with costly or potentially dangerous problems in the future.

3. Tires, Shocks and/or Suspension Wear Unevenly
Your vehicle’s components will wear over time, but this wear should occur at a consistent pace. However, when the frame is out of alignment, weight is no longer properly distributed across the car. This can lead to uneven wear on tires, as well as your shocks and suspension, a situation that will lead to excessive and expensive parts replacements if left unchecked.

Schedule Service with Main Auto Body, Inc.
When it comes to your vehicle, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you suspect something may be wrong, schedule an appointment at your nearest Main Auto Body, Inc. location today. Our team will assess the condition of your vehicle, provide an accurate estimate and perform any needed repairs to get you safely back on the road in no time.

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