Tis the Season for Bad Road Conditions In Oregon

Posted By: Main Auto Body, Inc. | January 25, 2019

Car Driving Through Winter Storm

Whether you need to shop for gifts or visit family, learning how to prepare for winter weather is an important skill while travelling during the holiday season. And while the team at Main Auto Body can provide expert repairs after a winter weather-related accident, taking a few key steps can help reduce the likelihood of on-road mishaps and make them easier to manage if they do occur. To help ensure safer driving this season, try these four tips for navigating winter road conditions.

1. Build in Extra Time

When combined with bad winter road conditions, driving in a rush can be the perfect catalyst for sliding off the road. Giving yourself plenty of additional time to get where you need to go allows you to drive more slowly and cautiously. Make sure you have extra time and space for stopping, as well, to prevent sliding caused by braking too quickly.

2. Leave Emergency Supplies in Your Vehicle

If you do get marooned in the cold, being prepared with emergency supplies can be crucial while you wait for help. Water, blankets, winter clothing, windshield wiper fluid, jumper cables and a flashlight are all important items to pack before braving snowy weather. Shovels can be used to dig out your wheels if you’re stuck in deep snow, and you’ll want to double check that you have your smartphone and charger with you in case you need to call for help.

3. Increase Your Visibility

During the day, it can be easy to forget to turn on your lights. But even moderate snowfall can darken the sky and reduce visibility on the road. Keeping your low beams on while you drive helps make sure you’re seen, despite low-light conditions. Before departing, inspect your headlights, turn signals and brake and emergency lights to check that you’re fully operational.

4. Have Your Car Serviced

In order to be fully prepared for the first big winter storm, get your car inspected. Routine maintenance checkups, realignments and parts replacements will help you stay safe as you drive, and a quick service appointment can prevent long delays due to accidents caused by unsafe tires or brakes.

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