Signs of Defective or Inferior Parts

Posted By: Main Auto Body, Inc. | May 24, 2019

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Unless you’re an expert in auto parts like any of our I-Car Gold Class-certified technicians at Main Auto Body, it can be tough to tell when your vehicle requires an auto part replacement. Therefore, you should be aware of the many telltale signs that the various components of your car may be failing and need to be addressed. When you bring your vehicle to any of our nine locations, we’ll provide you with pre-repair estimates, on-site loaner cars and a full-service guarantee for all of our work. For more information, reach out to Main Auto Body today.

Old Spark Plugs

Copper-tip spark plugs should be changed every 30,000 miles, while platinum and iridium tip plugs have a life expectancy of about 100,000 miles. Failure to switch out old spark plugs can cause your engine to run inefficiently and misfire. If this is the case, you’ll notice trouble accelerating or issues with starting your car, as well as a decrease in your car’s fuel economy.

Noisy Exhaust System

When your car seems to be getting louder and louder when in motion, it’s normally a sign that your exhaust system needs to be replaced. And don’t delay – exhaust leaks are extremely dangerous, and if fumes enter your vehicle, you and your passengers may become ill.

Faulty Brakes

If your brake pedal feels spongy when you step on it or like it’s sinking into the floor, it’s time to get your brakes checked. This could mean minor fixes, like a brake pad replacement, but if left unaddressed, you could wind up with brake failure. Therefore, regular brake maintenance, including the changing of brake fluid, is necessary to keep yourself and others safe on the road.

Aged Shocks and Struts

If your car bounces up and down while in motion or your tires are wearing unevenly, your car may need its shocks and/or struts replaced. Failure to do so can result in even worse tire wear and must be addressed immediately to maintain your safety.

Heating Issues

If the inside of your windshield fogs up often or your coolant seems to be disappearing before your very eyes, it’s a sign that your heater’s core is starting to fail, as it’s no longer able to properly defrost your interior glass. Leaving this issue unattended could result in your engine overheating and other damage.

Radiator Failure

The warning signs of radiator failure have to do with your engine becoming too hot or overheating, as well as low fluid levels in the coolant reservoir. This can mean there’s a leak in the engine, hoses or radiator, and in some cases, all three.

Other Signs of a Needed Auto Part Replacement

When other mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle reach the end of their useful life, it’s time to pay a visit to the garage. These issues include:

  • Steering rack issues, such as a faulty power steering pump, that could hinder your ability to steer and rotate the wheel when turning
  • Increased oil consumption, which could mean internal engine parts are wearing out prematurely
  • Alternator failure, as indicated by a dead battery

A Quick and Easy Fix

If you notice any of these problems with your vehicle, be sure to have a trusted mechanic address them immediately, as any delay can only cause the issues to get worse and lead to further damage. At Main Auto Body, our full-service shop can be found in nine different locations across Northwestern Oregon and in the city of Bend. If your vehicle isn’t drivable, we’ll even tow it to any of our facilities for free. Contact us today or bring your car in to find out why our exceptional and personalized services have been satisfying Oregonians for over 40 years.

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