Seasonal Driving Risks in Albany, OR

Posted By: Main Auto Body, Inc. | March 12, 2020

Winter Road Conditions In Oregon

In our bustling modern world, cars get us to work, allow us to run errands, and enable us to meet up with family and friends. But just because they’re a staple in our routines doesn’t mean we don’t need to be careful behind the wheel. And now that the seasons are transitioning from winter to spring, those Albany, Oregon roads will see everything from snow and sleet to rain and hail. Before getting behind the wheel, make sure you’re aware of the risks with this advice from Main Auto Body, Inc.

Navigating Winter Weather

Although the surefire way to avoid winter-related automotive injury is to stay home, sometimes we have no other choice but to drive on snowy and icy roads. Albany averages a mere four inches of snow per year, which means that residents can easily be caught by surprise and feel underprepared for driving when snow starts falling.

First, we recommend that Albany residents keep their cars winter-ready all season. To do this, make sure you maintain an appropriate level of pressure in your tires, as well as store extra blankets, an emergency kit, and a scraper in your vehicle. You should also keep your gas tank at least half-full and consider investing in snow tires or chains for added traction.

Once your car is seasonally prepped, you’re ready to traverse any snowy, slippery Albany road that you come across. While you drive, go slowly so you can compensate for the decrease in traction. If you need to speed up or slow down, do so gradually to avoid skidding or colliding with another vehicle. Finally, get to know your brakes before departing on a winter drive. If you don’t have antilock brakes, make sure to apply firm, steady pressure onto the pedal to bring your car to a stop.

Staying Safe in Spring Conditions

While the blossoming of spring brings with it thoughts of warmer weather and leisure time, it also harbors several driving hazards. As Albany residents cruise down Hwy 20 or another populated roadway, they should be on the lookout for not only potholes but also the influx of awakened animals that might find their way onto the road.

Just like in winter, be sure to maintain a proper amount of tire pressure in the spring. This way, you’ll be sure to have the best possible traction in the event of a spring shower or a sudden resurgence of winter weather. Furthermore, be sure to stay vigilant on your spring drives. With the warmer weather, you’ll likely share the road with motorcyclists, joggers, and others vying to enjoy the conditions.

Last but not least, keep your eyes peeled for potholes. These nuisances can do serious damage to your vehicle and are highly abundant when the season transitions from winter to spring.

Stay Safe No Matter the Season

Living in the Pacific Northwest brings with it a seasonal beauty that few other places get to experience. It also brings with it some unique driving hazards that make the transition from winter to spring particularly tricky. If car troubles come your way as a result of these seasonal hazards, the Main Auto Body, Inc. team is standing by to help. With nine convenient locations throughout OR, including Albany, simply contact us at 541-926-0073 to set up an appointment.