How to Drive in Freezing Rain and Other Winter Weather Conditions In Oregon

Posted By: Main Auto Body, Inc. | March 15, 2019

Freezing Rain

During the colder winter months in Oregon, drivers can expect challenging road conditions. The dangers of winter weather are often obvious – it’s hard to miss snow collecting on the roads. But when temperatures drop suddenly, precipitation can quickly turn to freezing rain that covers roads in ice and makes driving dangerous. In many cases, staying off the roads is the best way to avoid accidents and other damage due to slippery streets. But if you must travel, Main Auto Body, Inc. suggests a few tips on how to drive in freezing rain to keep you safer this winter.

1. Assume roads may be slippery.

Snow may not cover the roads, but conditions can still be dangerous. In fact, accidents can actually increase during freezing rain and ice storms. Ice may occur in some spots before covering the rest of the road, lowering your guard. In general, it’s best to assume that rain at low temperatures could cause ice at any time. Lower your speed in general, and be cautious of bridges and overpasses that will freeze before standard roadways.

2. Maintain safe driving distances.

Accidents often occur during icy conditions because a motorist couldn’t stop when needed, sliding into the vehicle ahead of them. You may not realize how slippery roads have become until you need to stop, and doing so can be difficult even when your brakes and tires are in good condition. In addition to lowering your speed, allow extra room between your vehicle and the car ahead of you. For safety’s sake, be sure to do the same when approaching intersections and pedestrian crosswalks as well.

3. Don’t rely on four-wheel drive and winter tires.

Many drivers think four-wheel drive and the best snow tires around are foolproof protection against winter accidents. Yet while both provide improved traction in snowy conditions, they are of limited assistance on ice-covered streets. It’s always better to use precaution no matter what type of car you’re driving or how it’s outfitted – slow down, leave extra time to arrive and always proceed with caution during icy conditions.

Had an Accident in Freezing Rain?

No matter how carefully you drive in freezing rain, accidents still happen. If you’re in an accident this winter, contact Main Auto Body, Inc. for collision repairs. Our experienced technicians will create a detailed estimate, assist with your insurance claim and even provide a loaner car if needed. And with 24-hour emergency towing, we’ll be there to help no matter when your collision occurs.

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