Keep Checking Levels: Investigating Possible Leaks

Posted By: Main Auto Body, Inc. | August 23, 2019

Woman Checking Oil Level

Is your car leaking? Vehicle leaks can be caused by any number of issues. That’s why it’s important to pay close attention to the color and location of the leak. It can help clue you into the problem, so you can properly diagnose issues before they escalate and cause more serious damage and unsafe driving conditions. Below, Main Auto Body, Inc. explains what color and location have to do with car leaks.

Light Brown to Black: In the Front

If you notice a greasy and slick fluid under the engine with a light brown to black coloring, it’s likely engine oil. The job of engine oil is simple – it lubricates the engine. Oftentimes, you’ll recognize an engine leak, because oil will pool under the front end of your car. You may also notice the smell of burning oil when driving down the road. Using a dipstick, check the engine oil levels when the engine has had a chance to cool off. Low on oil? Get help from a repair shop, like Main Auto Body, Inc.

Red or Brown: In the Front

Red or brown in color, transmission fluid leaks are often found in the middle or front of your car. The fluid has a thick consistency and will only be present in vehicles with an automatic transmission. This type of fluid may be hard to check on your own. Consult the owner’s manual or a professional if you suspect a transmission fluid leak.

Yellow, Green or Pink: In the Front

A slimy rainbow of colors present near the radiator or under your engine could signal a coolant, or antifreeze, leak. Coolant helps prevent the engine from overheating, and thus, if your car is low on this fluid, it can result in overheating. And an overheated engine might fail, leaving you stranded and calling for a tow truck. If you notice a leak, it’s best to ring up a professional.

Clear to Brown: Near the Wheels

Slick and showing up near one or more wheels, brake fluid looks clear or brown in color and may present with a slightly yellow tinge. Brake fluid is employed to transfer force into pressure. It also amplifies braking force. As you can imagine, losing brake fluid impacts the performance of your brakes. Yet again, you’ll want to consult a professional for help checking your brake fluid levels.

Light Gold or Clear: In the Rear

The presence of a light gold or clear liquid under your vehicle, especially near the rear end, might signal a gas or diesel leak. It may also present with a notable fuel smell. When a fuel leak occurs, it’s crucial that you get your car to a repair shop right away. As you may already know, gas and diesel are highly flammable, and any kind of leak poses a serious safety concern.

Clear: In the Rear

If you come face to face with a clear liquid near the rear of your car, it’s probably just water. On hot days, water will form condensation and drain from your air conditioning system. When a puddle of water shows up under your vehicle, it’s rarely something to be concerned about.

Auto Repair Services from Main Auto Body, Inc.

With nine locations throughout the Willamette Valley and Central Oregon Coast, Main Auto Body, Inc. offers comprehensive collision repair services. If you noticed your car leaking after an accident, contact us right away. We’ll make sure your vehicle is ready for the road ahead.

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