How Newport, OR Driving Conditions Rank Amongst Local Cities

Posted By: Main Auto Body, Inc. | April 20, 2020

Roadway In Newport, Oregon

Whether you’re planning a family vacation or you’re a life-long local, Newport, Oregon has the coastal views and seaside dining that can help you relax like no place else. But what’s the one thing that can instantly burst your bubble of calm? You guessed it – traffic. So how does Newport, OR traffic stack up against that seen in surrounding communities? Here, Main Auto Body, Inc. compares the roadway conditions that you can expect throughout your travels.

A Family-Oriented Vacation Town

Newport is home to nearly 11,000 people, making it the 46th largest city in OR. Compare this to Portland’s whopping population of around 653,000 people, and you can quickly get a sense of Newport’s low-key vibes.

Offering tons of fishing opportunities, scenic sights, and the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport is a family town. As such, you won’t see the traffic jams that strike big cities daily. On average, Newport sees a slight increase in traffic during the summer, with back-ups lasting no more than a couple of minutes. In other words, this means less traffic jams and more uninterrupted beach time for you.

However, we always caution drivers on Hwy 101 to keep their eyes on the road. With vast, oceanic views offered across the entire horizon, drivers’ eyes can easily drift over to peer at the water. To keep safe on your next Newport drive, we recommend simply parking your car first in a designated area before fully enjoying some waterfront views.

Comparing Newport Traffic to Other OR Cities

Simply put, the traffic situation in Newport sounds ideal. But how does it stack up against other major locations in OR? Here’s our take on what you can expect when driving in the following cities:

Salem, OR

Home to a population of about 170,000 residents, traffic may vary depending on where you drive in Salem. If you’re heading downtown, a number of tourist attractions can mean heavier traffic during the warmer months of the year. According to locals, you’re most likely to run into issues on some of the major highways that intersect Salem, such as Interstate 5 and Oregon Route 22, especially during morning and evening rush hours or periods of road work.

Corvallis, OR

>Due to its proximity to the Oregon State University campus, Corvallis sees tons of traffic before, during, and after big college sporting events. Mainly, this buildup occurs at the interchange of I-5 and Hwy 34, with officials encouraging residents and other non-game-goers to avoid this area on high-volume days.

Bend, OR

Depending on when you drive in Bend, you can expect to see more or less traffic. For example, on a weekday morning, residents’ short commute times keep the roadways mostly clear and free of headaches. However, the weekends often bring higher, vacation-driven traffic volumes, making it important to plan ahead when taking a trip.

Address Automotive Issues as Soon as They Arise

In Newport, you can almost consistently count on low traffic and quick trip times. So if the ocean is calling you, consider answering it with a stay in Newport. But when you’re trying to relax on the beach or navigate traffic, car troubles are the last thing you want to deal with. So when automotive issues arise, call Main Auto Body, Inc. at 541-926-0073. With locations in Newport, Corvallis, and Bend, OR, we’ll have your car up-and-running fast so you can get back to enjoying the ease of Newport traffic.