Driving on the Beach (Safely) in Lincoln City, OR

Posted By: Main Auto Body, Inc. | April 15, 2020

Passenger Of Car Driving On Beach

There’s nothing quite like driving onto a beach, popping open the trunk of your car, and unloading picnic supplies directly onto the sand. Although many beaches prohibit cars, there are a few scenic beaches in Oregon that welcome them, including in Lincoln City. But if you plan on rolling your vehicle out onto the waterfront this season, there are some key rules you’ll need to follow to keep yourself and other beachgoers safe. Here, Main Auto Body, Inc. outlines everything you need to know about beach driving in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Know Where You’re Allowed to Drive

Many beaches in OR don’t allow vehicles on the sand. This is also true throughout much of Lincoln City, except for a small patch of beach that’s roughly 150 feet long. You’ll find its entrance at the SW 15th St. ramp, allowing you to easily access it by car.

However, Lincoln City has many other beaches where motor vehicles are prohibited. Always be respectful of your fellow beachgoers by following the appropriate allowances and keeping your car off of the waterfront if nearby signs and local officials forbid them.

Stay Close to the Road

As you might imagine, driving on soft sand is a surefire way for your car to get stuck. As a result, we not only recommend that you use four-wheel drive on the beach, but we also suggest that you stick close to the road as you drive along. This sand is normally hard and dense, making it ideal for many cars to drive across it without a problem.

Plus, don’t forget that the closer you get to the water, the greater you’re your risk of being hit by the tide. As if your car getting drenched isn’t enough, the receding waves can even suck your car into the ocean, threatening to swallow it whole or lodge it deep into the surf if you aren’t careful.

Drive Slowly and Cautiously

No matter what off-road terrain you’re driving on or the weather conditions you’re coasting in, this rule always holds true. As such, we caution you to traverse the Lincoln City beach slowly and keep your eyes peeled for other beachgoers, wildlife, or pitfalls in the sand. Even on the brightest, sunniest days, beaches can harbor unseen, sharp debris that can damage your tires – or worse. Always keep your eyes ahead of you and maintain a speed below 25 MPH to stay as safe as possible.

Lighten Your Car’s Load

Don’t risk sinking into the sand on your next beachfront drive. Instead, pack your vehicle with only the essentials to make it as light as possible as you glide along. With the open water and spacious beach surrounding you, you’ll need fewer entertainment supplies than you might think.

When Emergency Strikes, Contact Main Auto Body, Inc.

No matter how safely we drive, accidents and automotive damages can happen. In the case of a flat tire, fender bender, or another issue with your car, we offer 24-hour towing and emergency services to fix it up fast. Plus, with a location right in Lincoln City, OR, Main Auto Body, Inc. can be there when it counts, allowing your family to have more beachy fun and less automotive worry. Contact us today to learn more.