Are You Distracting Other Drivers?

Posted By: Main Auto Body, Inc. | April 19, 2019

Man Driving At Night

Many of us are aware of driving distractions: using a cell phone, eating, listening to loud music and talking are a few examples. But another distraction you may not have thought of is your effect on other drivers. Main Auto Body, Inc. notes three possible ways you could be a distraction to others and how to avoid doing so.

Unusual  Behavior

It’s human nature to pay attention to something unusual, and this instinct also applies to what we see out on the road. If you’re driving in a way that’s outside of the norm, this could distract other drivers. Examples of this behavior include:

  • Unusual stopping
  • Swerving
  • Headlight flashes
  • Accelerating or decelerating without apparent cause

From your perspective, you’re just checking the brakes or making sure your headlights function properly. But to other drivers, this creates a distracting display. To avoid this problem, check performance before driving. If your car seems to be having trouble, it may be in need of service.

High Beams

Your headlights may help you see, but they can also impede the vision of other drivers. If you’re driving with your high beams on while passing oncoming traffic, it’s important that you switch to low beams to reduce distraction and avoid obstructing another driver’s vision. Similarly, your high beams may glare in the rearview mirror of the driver in front of you, causing a disturbance. If you’re at a close distance to another driver, keep your low beams on, or if high beams are necessary, increase your distance.


You may not realize you’re doing it, but if you follow too closely, you’re distracting the driver ahead of you. At too close a proximity, your presence on the road can become worrisome and draw a driver’s eyes away from what’s in front of them. To stay safer, keep two to four seconds distance between you and the car in front of you when driving up to 30 mph. At higher speeds, four seconds or more is recommended.

When Distractions Happen

Distractions happen to even the most focused and diligent drivers. If your vehicle is damaged due to distracted driving, or for any reason, Main Auto Body, Inc. can help. Visit one of our nine locations in the Willamette Valley, Oregon Coast, and Central Oregon for collision repair backed by our quality guarantee.

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