When Does Damage Warrant a Loaner Vehicle?

Posted By: Main Auto Body, Inc. | March 8, 2019

Collision Damage

A car accident can bring your day to a halt. However, the world doesn’t stop after a collision – you still need to get to work and run your daily errands. That’s where loaner vehicles come in. Main Auto Body, Inc. provides loaner cars to eligible customers throughout Northwest and Central Oregon while their vehicles undergo repairs. Not sure your situation qualifies? Learn more about when vehicle damage warrants a loaner car.

Your Insurance Won’t Cover a Rental Car

Many drivers assume their insurance policy includes coverage for a rental car, but this isn’t always the case. And while you can rent a car with your own money, the expense will add up quickly, especially if substantial collision repairs are required. Main Auto Body, Inc. provides on-site loaner cars to eligible customers without rental car coverage in:

Not certain what your policy covers? Reach out to your insurance company right away to determine which benefits you’re entitled to after an accident.

Extensive Repairs Are Needed

From broken windshields and dented doors to misalignment, accidents can cause substantial damage. And while your repair shop should do their best to complete the job in a timely fashion, reputable technicians take the time needed to avoid safety issues and subpar work. If your vehicle requires dent repair, glass replacement, alignment and other services that may take several days to complete, you’re a good candidate for a loaner car.

Your Car is Unsafe to Drive

You might think missing mirrors, a buckled hood or broken headlights are no big deal, but all of these issues present real safety hazards. And while your car may look fine, fluid leaks and unseen frame damage or misalignment could all have serious consequences. This is why it’s extremely important to have your vehicle inspected by a trusted repair shop after an accident. If your technician indicates that your car shouldn’t be on the road in its current condition, a loaner vehicle provides a safe alternative.

Loaner Vehicles in the Willamette Valley

When accident damage puts your car out of commission, come to one of Main Auto Body, Inc.’s nine locations in the Willamette Valley and beyond. We’re happy to provide loaner vehicles to qualified customers while our I-Car Gold Certified technicians restore their cars to like-new condition. Contact us today for additional information.

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