Causes of Minor Dents That Can Be Repaired With PDR

Posted By: Main Auto Body, Inc. | February 21, 2020

Technician Repairing Car Dent

Your car does a lot for you, like helping you get to work on time and protecting you from the elements on the way. But the more we use them, the more likely our vehicles are to develop a ding or dent. And if that happens, you’ll want to have it repaired quickly so you can get back into your routine fast. Thankfully, paintless dent repair (PDR) offers many benefits for drivers like you who depend on their cars every single day. Here, Main Auto Body, Inc. discusses the applications of PDR so you can plan your repairs accordingly.

Paintless Dent Repair Benefits

PDR is an economical method that car repair technicians use to make cars with minor dents look like new again. Unlike many traditional repair methods, PDR uses specialized tools to gently return steel and aluminum body panels to normal. And, as its name suggests, this method fixes dents without harming your car’s paint job, saving you time and money.

What Can PDR Fix?

Dents can happen for all kinds of reasons. Some of the most common causes include damage from hail, gravel, rocks, and other debris, as well as fender benders, parking accidents, and more. While paintless dent repair can’t correct every type of dent, it is a great option for the following:

  1. Round Dents: Often caused by round projectiles like hail and sports balls, these are exactly what they sound like: rounded, circular dents in the body of your car.
  2. Car Dings: Dings are small indents in the body of your car. They are most commonly caused when small objects, like small pebbles or sticks, strike your car on a windy day.
  3. Crease Dents: These dents look like straight, thin lines in the body of your car. They are more likely to stretch your car’s metal, making them more complex and time-consuming to fix.

Not only does the damage have to be a certain type of dent, but it also to be in an accessible location in order for PDR to be successful. For example, when the dent is on a flat section of the car, PDR can be easily applied from the inside of the panel.

What Can PDR Not Fix?

Although car repair technicians can fix many types of car dents with PDR, some damages are best resolved through paint touch-ups, body filling, and other repair techniques. This includes things like deep indents that have greatly stretched your vehicle’s metal. It also includes cases of chipped, cracked, bubbling, or peeling paint often caused by shopping carts, keys, and stones.

If your car’s paint job has been affected in any way, be sure to have it addressed by a professional as soon as possible. Otherwise, your car can develop rust that can damage its body and negatively affect its resale value.

Get Your Car Dents Repaired Today

If your vehicle’s damage fits the bill for paintless dent repair, then you can get it repaired quickly and affordably. At Main Auto Body, Inc. in Oregon, our I-Car Gold Class certified repair technicians are expertly trained in PDR. To make your car look like new again, schedule an appointment with us by calling 541-926-0073. Or, if your dent is more severe, check out our full-service repair and automotive paint services.