Car Restoration: Hobby vs. Necessity

Posted By: Main Auto Body, Inc. | November 15, 2019

Man Works On Car Restoration

When you think of car restoration, classic car shows and vintage vehicles may come immediately to mind. This term can also refer to the necessary frame and body repairs performed after an accident, and many of the techniques used to get your car back on the road after a collision are required to restore classic cars to their original glory. If you’re curious about the connection between these types of car restoration, Main Auto Body, Inc. explains everything you need to know.

Restoration after an Accident

Auto accidents are an unfortunate part of life, but many of us will experience one at some point. Some collisions leave your vehicle totaled, but in other cases, an auto body shop can repair the damage and get you up and running again. The degree of damage to your vehicle will depend on the severity of the accident, and in some cases may be as minor as dent repair or fixing a cracked windshield. In other circumstances, substantial damage affects the vehicle’s body, motor, and even frame.

Only an experienced auto technician can determine whether car restoration is worthwhile after an accident. Even if you’re a car enthusiast and love working on a classic vehicle at home, collision repairs should be left to the professionals to ensure your safety. A reputable shop will work with you to assess the damage and decide if the car should be repaired or considered totaled. If repairs are recommended, you can rest assured that your vehicle will look and run like new once completed. Additionally, restoration minimizes the risk of rust, which could cause further damage, extends the life of your vehicle, and can even restore its resale value.

Hobby Restorations

For those who love classic cars, working on them is half the fun. Amateur mechanics of all skill levels can enjoy this hobby, whether their garage is home to a muscle car or a Studebaker. In addition to tinkering with the engine and performing cosmetic repairs, getting into car restoration is a great way to learn more about cars in general and to enjoy working with your hands. Many restorers also love getting together with their fellow hobbyists for shows, cruises, and club meetings that make it easy to meet classic car enthusiasts who are eager to swap parts and share techniques.

At the same time, not all vintage cars are purchased in good condition. This is especially true for those who want to rebuild a vehicle from the ground up or get a great deal on a high-value model by purchasing one that needs a lot of work. If you’ve set your sights on a car with frame damage, alignment issues, or body deterioration, enlisting the help of a body shop is often the best way to complete your restoration. You’ll be able to take advantage of the expertise offered by trained technicians, ensuring your restored classic is safe to drive and leaving you more time for the fun stuff – like finding the perfect pair of fuzzy dice.

Car Restoration for Every Need

Whether you need collision repairs to get back on the road or want help restoring a classic car, the expert technicians at Main Auto Body, Inc. can help. Contact Main Auto Body, Inc. today to learn more about our restoration services, or stop by one of our nine locations. We’ll take a look at your vehicle and help determine the best way to have it looking and running great in no time.