Go or Tow? How to Know If You Can Safely Drive to the Garage

Posted By: Main Auto Body, Inc. | May 17, 2019

Damaged Car

Walking away from an auto collision is a blessing in itself, but is your car safe enough to drive away as well? After such an ordeal, the last thing you want to risk is further damage to your vehicle and yourself by driving to the shop. There are several things you can check for to see if driving a damaged car can be done safely, plus a number of signs that it definitely needs to be towed. Either way, bring it to Main Auto Body, as our collision repair services will have you back on the road with a vehicle that looks and runs like new. Contact us today for more information.

When to Definitely Call a Tow

If your car wasn’t totaled and you’ve escaped the scene without serious injury, you’re already lucky enough. Don’t push that luck by driving a damaged car to the shop. When the following issues are present, call Main Auto Body to take advantage of our complimentary towing service:

  • Smoke or steam coming from the engine or other parts of the vehicle, which typically signifies serious damage to the engine or other parts under the hood
  • Flat tire(s), as driving with one or several over even short distances can cause further extensive damage to your brakes and wheels
  • Leaking fluids, such as coolant, antifreeze, brake fluid, oil or gas, that could cause overheating, brake failure and pose risks to everyone else on the road

Post-Collision Checklist

If you’ve experienced minor damage, there’s a good chance you may not need a tow. More times than not, the responding officer will be able to determine whether or not your vehicle is legally operational. But just in case, here are the major areas to ensure are still intact before driving a damaged car to the garage:

  • Properly aligned wheels, which are necessary to avoid swerving into other lanes
  • Locking mechanism of the hood, so it doesn’t pop open while in motion
  • Functioning taillights, headlamps and lenses that are not broken, as driving otherwise is illegal
  • At least two mirrors without damage to safely and legally navigate through traffic

Hassle-Free Collision Repair

If you’re having any doubts about driving your damaged car, the only safe option is to call a tow truck, because the last thing you need is to get into another accident. Servicing Northwest Oregon and Bend, Main Auto Body offers a specialized collision repair program that takes all the stress out of getting back on the road. Before we get to work, we’ll provide you with a free estimate that is truly accurate with no hidden costs. Plus, we can provide assistance with filing insurance claims and procuring a rental car if necessary. For more information on our nine convenient locations and collision repair services, call us today.

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